My hopes and plans for the new year

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2018 is just around the corner! Normally, I am not too excited about New Year’s, but 2017 was the absolute worst year of my life. I can’t help but hope for better times in the coming year.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions (I always feel too much pressure with those), here is a list of things I want and hope to do in 2018:

1. Let go of the anger and pain from being rejected by my coworker/former friend.

2. Learn how to be more comfortable in my job and interacting with said coworker. If this is not possible, overcome my fear of change and try a new job.

3. Read lots of books! I finished 60 in 2017.

4. Continue writing in this blog.

5. Save more money.

6. Exercise more and/or lose some weight. I gained a lot this year due to emotional eating and I don’t feel comfortable at my current weight.

7. Visit California again! San Diego is my mother’s and my absolute favorite vacation spot, and we haven’t gotten the chance to go back in five years. Hopefully we can go there in 2018!

8. Make some new friends.

9. Keep practicing singing and possibly get in touch with my old voice teacher. I really miss our lessons.

10. Bring happiness to other people’s lives.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!! ❤️

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